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The concept of the human brain. The right creative hemisphere versus the left logical hemi

About Shannon BeachaM

Shannon Beacham was born in Dallas, TX. He was homeschooled and graduated in 1997. During his childhood he studied ballet, played baseball, and learned several instruments including the piano, violin, and guitar. After high school he went on to pursue become a professional ballet dancer after letting go of his dream of becoming a professional baseball player. Shannon danced for several professional ballet companies including, Texas Ballet Theater (formerly Fort Worth Dallas Ballet), Pittsburgh Ballet Theater, and South African Ballet Theater. He met his ex-wife while dancing for Texas Ballet Theater and had 4 beautiful children together and quit dancing full time to go into the corporate sales world to support his family. He never left dance though continuing to teach and perform as a guest artist till this day.


Due to conflict and between them he was divorced after 16 years during covid. In 3 years of isolation and self-reflection, and self-help courses he studied psychology and religion to try and understand why everything fell apart in his relationship.  In this span he met the love of his life and soulmate. He gained an understanding of what causes people to make the decisions they make and found a new confidence and lease on life.

With his fiancées kids and one child together combined, Shannon now has a lively household of 8 kids and has set out to help others that want more out of life than just what they have been told to live. He completed Bizzie Gold’s Break Method training program and became an accountability coach and mentor. He is now adding more life coaching certifications under his belt and is pursuing coaching full-time.


Shannon specializes in helping people change their relationship with their thoughts and feelings so they can feel powerful and in control of their lives. He is passionate about inspiring others to achieve their goals and live their best lives.

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